Is a deposit required?

Absolutely not - We accept payment upon completion of proposed work.

Tree roots got your driveway or sidewalk?

Don’t fall victim to a homeowner’s liability claim or Florida insurance denial. We, at Accu-Krete, will address any invasive root pertinent to the damaged driveway and/or sidewalk and eliminate it at the source.

Am I liable for sidewalk injuries?

You could be. Any lifting and/or separation of concrete more than 1/4 inch can be a liability to you and your insurance company.

Will there be a lien on my property?

No. A lien release will not be required, because there will be no outside contractors or suppliers on your job. Accu-Krete owns the concrete plant and all workers are our employees. No subcontractors will be used.

Do I have to pay for concrete materials in advance?

No. We own the concrete plant and do not need to collect your money in advance of the project.

How long will my new driveway take?

Your new driveway will typically be complete in 2-3 days.