Concrete Driveway Replacement in Orlando


Curb appeal
is the first thing you and your guest notice when arriving at your home. This includes the concrete driveway and sidewalk to your front door, or even patios. We work closely with you to help repair or conceptualize a replacement concrete driveway, walkway or patio design that not only brings out the beauty of your home, but also addresses functionality.

Invasive Tree Root Removal

Did you know that most insurance companies in Florida will not renew your insurance policy if tree roots have invaded your driveway or sidewalk? Accu-Krete can remove the invasive roots encroaching on your driveway and replace your concrete driveway or sidewalk.

Our team of experienced professionals are familiar with the most effective techniques, and we use the latest equipment, finishing tools and machinery. Our goal is to help you bring your vision to life, while focusing on quality, professional work. We pride ourselves in being a respected and well-established concrete contractor in Central Florida and offers a “No Upfront Money" policy.

Don't let your driveway decay from cracks. Call Accu-Krete for expert driveway replacement. Our skilled professionals  have years of experience handling projects large and small. Call us today at 407-438-3131 for a free estimate! 

 Accu-Krete | Orlando, Fl

For durable and affordable concrete, trust Orlando’s own Accu-Krete.
We offer custom mix solutions for home, commercial and municipal customers. If you need a strong building material that will last for decades, put us to work for you today.



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